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01.08.2013 – The Hudson Hornet is an actual car manufactured by Hudson Motor Company in between 1951 to 1954 then it was built by American Motors Company (AMC) in Kenosha, Wisconsin as the Hudson brand from 1995 to 1957.

It became one of the iconic characters seen in Disney and Pixar’s Cars which was known as the fictional character Doc Hudson inspired from real people related to the racing industry and was voiced by the late Paul Newman in his last non-documentary film. The car itself – The Fabulous Hudson Hornet which competed in NASCAR in the 1950s is quite real.

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It was driven by Herb Thomas who has won NASCAR Cups in 1951 and 1953 with Tim Flock in 1952 which drew resemblance that made Doc Hudson the character in the animated feature film. Newman a racing enthusiast and former driver himself breathe life to Doc Hudson as a grumpy old race car personality. Doc Hudson having won three consecutive Piston Cups and career ending injury until he was found living in Radiator Springs as the resident physician and local judge.

The die cast car released by Mattel has several variations that inspire the character and in Japan Tomica by Takara Tomy well known for making well known licensed cars had also acquired the rights to release their own toy line for the Disney Pixar Cars series.

This same toy line was released between 2006 up to the sequel in 2011 but limited characters compared to what Mattel. It had a very limited run and possibly released in selected countries outside Japan most probably within the Asian region. Previously we had featured a spotlight on Mater which was also released under the Tomica brand but limited in detail on its origins.

Doc Hudson was NEVER released in Metro Manila based on inquiring if THERE EVER was such until it was acquired in Davao City and it was the last character to be sold in such place.

The die cast car smaller than the ones released by Mattel have the same details but more refined in each distinguishing marks like down to its little markings like the emblem, stripes, and brand badge. The car is entirely made of die cast body and chassis compared to Mater.

The windshields where the eyes appear are well painted in blue which resembles Paul Newman’s eyes and the character was an inspiring personality to the young rookie in Lightning McQueen. Of course like all Tomica the Cars series has a working suspension unfortunately the one featured here has his front tires lost that “bounce” that we see in the other licensed cars.

Like its actual car the Hudson Hornet is a classic piece of automobile memorabilia and if you happen to travel in the United States the one Herb Thomas has driven is on display at the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum in Michigan. Tim Flock's car on the other hand is in the Memory Lane Museum in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Doc Hudson from Disney Pixar’s Cars is designated number C-06 in the Tomica RS collectible series manufactured by Takara Tomy retailed at PhP 295.00 pesos. Tomica cars are locally distributed by Ban Kee Trading Corporation. This was acquired at the Gaisano Mall in Davao City.

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