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11.15.2012 – How do you define the music genre in this new decade? These days you listen to music that fails in comparison to the sounds of the 1950’s to sometime in 1990s. We try to find inspiration in the soundtrack of our lives. The OPM or Original Pilipino Music has been lost in the domination of foreign sounds that we thrive upon the word “original.”

There were notable talents who are rising to the occasion but there’s only one that made that consistent growth from the independent music scene that got headlined in the issue of Time Magazine in 2007. The band: Up Dharma Down.

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In the past six years they have produced two studio albums and third one to be launched on November 28, 2012 at the One Esplanade in Capacities. The band composed of Armi Millare (keyboards, vocals), Carlos Tanada (lead guitars), Ean Mayor (drums and loops), and Paul Yap (bass). The band has been playing at SaGuijo Café for more of their careers.

The band has a cult following rarely you would hear their songs being played on-air save that to 99.5RT who’s about to have an evolution of their own. But going back to the topic at hand UDD has come full circle in ways some might not imagine.

Being a casual fan never forget an undying appreciation for a band who has been longer than anyone who has recently caught up to their music that plays Post Rock, Experimental, Pop rock, Jazz Fusion and Electronic Rock all rolled in one. Their music is haunting and not for mass consumption but a few selected to really know how to appreciate this kind of sound.

If you haven’t witnessed their performance last March 22, 2012 during one of those Terno Inferno nights is not enough to get to absorb that sound what makes the band known today.

Turn it well” the single from the newest album in Capacities has been played over so many times at SaGuijo Café and the music video is currently in the works as behind-the-scenes photos by Chico Lim Jap have been shared online in the past few days.

Last month they have announced a Pre-Order release of the special edition of Capacities on October 19 and 20, 2012 which is limited to 1000 copies. This edition includes the Capacities Limited Edition CD, an unspecified new UDD shirt, and a Puma x UDD poster which will be released during launched day. It was a shock that the Pre-Order Edition was over last month but due to the powers that be we got the chance to acquire this edition.

Terno Inferno plans to release a 12” LP vinyl edition of “Turn it Well” which will also going to be a limited release on launch day. If you’re a hard core UDD fan this might be a collectible item for you get a copy as they could no longer release this once its gets sold out.

Capacities the latest studio album from Up Dharma Down will be released on November 28, 2012 at One Esplanade located at the Seaside corener J.W Diokno Blvd, Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City!

For more UDD updates and news LIKE the Official Facebook Fan Page and follow on Twitter at: @UpDharmaDown

Visit the website at: www.UpDharmaDown.com

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