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11.12.2012 – Hitchcock is a master in the film industry one of the most highly regarded director in modern cinema. In the world of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, chaos, danger and sinister evil hide in the shadows of his characters’ ordinary lives. But what about Hitchcock’s own everyday real life outside the world he creates for TV and movies?

The consummately skilled director carefully cultivated a public persona – constructed out of his portly silhouette and macabre wit – that managed to keep his inner psyche tightly under wraps. But for decades the question has lingered: might there be a way to get inside Hitchcock THE MAN not as an icon but THE person?

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Now, for the first time, filmmaker Sacha Gervasi’s “HITCHCOCK” lays bare a captivating and complex love story. It does so through the sly, shadowy lens of their most daring filmmaking adventure: the making of the spine-tingling 1960 thriller, “Psycho,” which would become the director’s most controversial and legendary film. When the tumultuous, against-the-odds production was over, nothing about movies would ever be the same – but few realized that it took two to pull it off.

Take a peek of this thrilling yet endearing story of two people in love and their unsurpassed passion for the cinema in this trailer debut starring Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Tony Collette, Tony Huston and James D’Arcy.

Hitchcock” will soon be seen on screens nationwide in the Philippines on February 6, 2013 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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