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11.16.2012 – COMDDAP (Computer Manufacturers, Distributors & Dealers Association of the Philippines) held its expo earlier today promoting the sustainable development of the country’s information technology industry through voluntary collaboration of its member companies.

Several computers related hardware was also sold in this event which was held at the small section of the World Trade Center. Twelve years ago COMDDAP used to be the IT show to visit and see the latest technology which is still being visited by students as part of their fieldtrip up to now.

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This year’s theme is more about supporting GREEN technology and one featured concept is saving electricity. There were several launches promoting HTC’s latest mobile phone powered by Windows 8.

PC Guide magazine has the longest line of booth visits due to giving away copies of their back issues and all you have to do is LIKE their Facebook Page. Of course you only have one account or you forfeit acquiring a copy. The Philippine Daily Inquirer was also giving away latest copies of their newspaper that was released early today.

If you missed the opening of COMDDAP the event runs over this weekend you can drop by and check out the images taken earlier…

For more about COMDDAP LIKE their Facebook Fan Page and visit the official site at: COMMDAP.org

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