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11.16.2012 – The Toyota 86 a sports coupé designed in collaboration with by Japanese automobile manufacturers Toyota and Subaru. It was recently launched in the Philippines a couple months back sometime in August prior to its official public appearance during the CAMPI’s Philippine International Motor Show.

It features a boxer engine, front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout and 2+2 seating. The car known as "86" (pronounced "eight-six" or Hachi-Roku) refers to the Toyota AE86.

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The popular and well-regarded series of rear-wheel drive sports coupes and hatchbacks sold as the Toyota Sprinter Trueno and Toyota Corolla Levin from 1983 to 1987. If you have watched the Japanese anime in Initial D chances are you have seen that familiar Tofu deliver car. But we’re not here to talk about that classic AE86.

This is about the predecessor of the modern 86 sports coupé which is not only an eye candy on the road but built to drive. For those who dreams of owning one but can’t there are other ways to appreciate its unique ingenuity and class.

Recently Tomica a die cast brand of toy cars from Takara Tomy has released the 1/60 scale 86 which has two color variations and one exclusive edition. Designated number 46 as part of the 2012 series Tomica produced a replica of the much talked about sports coupé which has impressive details to match its real life counterpart. The appearance may somewhat look imperfect but close enough to own it as a personal collection for those car enthusiasts who can’t have the real thing.

The 1/60 scale edition has two standard colors in red and silver. There was a third version colored in black which has the standard box had the silhouette shape of the car instead of the full art.

It was supposed to be a special promo giveaway for every Tomica product an xx amount worth of purchase entitles you to earn one as a gift. But to some degree it was sold as a regular car which was sighted sometime in October which was particularly hoarded.

There were a lot of branches that had sold this particular edition but the standard edition has enough following that it was sold out as well. Every toy store that had the particular color which has been sold out to some extent being publicized previously on Top Gear Philippines when it was first sighted. The most elusive of the two standard variation release was silver which was considered a special color that is hard to find nowadays.

But it’s good enough to take a closer look what’s the hype about the Toyota 86 that everyone has been scramming to acquire during these past months. If you’re really passionate enough to come across either of the color variations then considered yourself lucky.

Like all Tomica cars it was produced with utmost quality to match not only its real life counterpart but also the design aspect that comes with its appearance competing with other die cast car brands.

Tomica has a long history of making high quality die cast cars even prior to the merger between Japanese toy manufacturers Takara and Tomy sometime in 2005. The quality itself might remind you of the old Matchbox releases by original manufacturer Lesner or New England prior to Mattel acquiring it in the mid-1990s through Tyco.

The standard Tomica of old have the standard plastic tires and rims but with the current ones have now variations depends on which car. It can be sport or a sedan and most of the line in Tomica is either from Japan or European cars.

Some of the cars now still retain the gimmick of opening doors or hood functions which is quite neat that is rarely seen in other brand of die cast cars. The other interesting feature is the suspension of the car which makes a little bit of realism to the pint size version that has a premium to appreciate.

Every Tomica car has its own features but with the popularity of the Toyota 86 everything is worth your money to have one collectible that would definitely stand out. The same way it was formally launched in front of the huge crowd during CAMPI’s Philippine International Motor Show last August and for the reason why the Tomica version has become a hit among collectors, fans and car enthusiast.

The Toyota 86 is part of the 2012 Tomica series of die cast cars manufactured by Takara Tomy and locally distributed by Bankee Toys with the standard retail price at PhP 169.75 pesos. For more upcoming models and promotional releases LIKE the Tomica Philippines Facebook Fan Page!

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