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11.17.2012 – “Turn it Well”, The music video premiered on MYX last November 10th and we've heard Up Dharma Down performing this song several times over the span of almost a year in their gigs whenever they are on the road or at home at SaGuijo Café in their Terno Inferno Nights.

Its studio track and the cinematography capturing the “Capacities” of each individuals in their daily lives incorporate in the music video has some comments call it made for “hipsters” which has an odd mixed of reception.

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Visually the opening scene as day comes to night with its electronic sound catches the feel of how the video came together then there’s Dee Jae Pa'Este about to start to paint. There are other scenes that really make it a signature UDD with its infectious voice behind Armi Millare.

If you missed the premiere of the music video and rarely ever you see it whenever you’re bumming at home flipping TV channels then check out this Director’s Cut…

Turn it Well” is Up Dharma Down’s first single in their third studio album in six years with Capacities to be launched on 1 Esplanade on November 28, 2012.

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