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09.29.2012 – Godzilla is one of Japan’s many iconic characters being known to have countless movies dating back from the 1950s.

There was countless iteration of the monster that would rival even King Kong for any giant creature to have been known for the longest time.

But the mutated lizard still dominates the Japanese films for most sequels and the last one was released in 2004 which Toho Ltd. announced that they will end it there.

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But it never ends which is another beginning as Warner Bros. has recently acquired the rights to produce a new film to be released in 2014 which is exactly ten years after its most recent one shown in Japan.

To some degree a renewed interest for Godzilla has come in small things that would turn out to be something unique which is out of the ordinary. It’s refreshing that the interest in designer toys is sweeping the mainstream scene in a slow but gradual pace.

It may not be something new or a bit awkward for long-time fans but this could be as we say a different approach in making the character popular again.

We’re talking about the Tokyo Vinyl Edition of Godzilla which was originally released sometime in 2004. Though the product has been around we chance upon seeing one sitting in one lonely shelf looking like unwanted and still wondering if it’s going to get a new home.

Of course we’re talking about the Tokyo Vinyl Edition of Godzilla which looked like he’s been turned into a monster to destroy your LEGO town. Indeed sometimes our imagination leaves us with creative ideas for this lonely designer toy that has been sitting in a store in Manila.

Godzilla was not the only being released in this line there’s two of them the other being Mecha Godzilla in his silver wares and in some Toys R’ US store in North America its going around $17.99 US dollars versus PhP 1,199.75 pesos in the Philippines. But this one is hard to pass up being “cute” and a bit “cartoonish” but looking like being unwanted since nobody in this part of Asia is not entirely familiar with a giant lizard that trampled Japan so many times.

Godzilla Tokyo Vinyl Edition has two figures under this series (Godzilla and Mecha Godzilla) manufactured by Bandai and released through Bandai Asia which is locally distributed by Ban Kee Toys in the Philippines.

This is no longer just a handheld game machine but also capable of accessing the internet through its wifi option and it’s definitely ready to take on the stage of handheld wars.

The product retails for PhP 1,199.75 pesos and for more details which store still carry this product you message them but first LIKE the Official Ban Kee Toys Facebook Page!

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