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09.03.2012 – Singapore is a great place just to get away from the usual perspective whenever country you’re from. Like any other place it’s not perfect but good enough to give you something new to see. It’s been three years since the first trip back on August 2009.

For this year there was more to see with new places explored but there’s more that you need to know and experience. Sadly the short trip ends due to tight and busy schedule with a lot of challenges that made good enough to come back for more.

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We can’t be sure when that would be but hopefully next time more longer days to get to know some friends and enough to taste its local cuisine.

Singapore has a lot of stories to tell and more ground to cover not only the geekrie that we always anticipate annually but there’s always something new with this country that leaves you short thinking when to return.

The last day was quick enough to see a bit of the Merlion Park and the view from the other side at Fullerton Hotel to see Marina Bay Sands during the bright sunny morning. If you in case you haven’t visited this place we got some images to share from our travels. From a cab rider’s perspective getting around Singapore all this and more…

Then straight to the airport after a few hours at Universal Studios will leave you to forget that it was a very long day but enough to miss this and wanting to come back.

The question is who knows when but definitely it was an unforgettable experience to travel to the Red Dot Island which we will never forget.

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