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08.27.2012 – Last year Bamboo has released is first solo album in No Water, No Moon and at that time his back up was an ensemble of talented musicians that definitely define his brand of music. The soothing cello and violin combinations were ever present again.

Bamboo is back after that successful performance at the RX Concert Series 8 months to be exact and with a vengeance as fans came in droves for this one night affair closing the anniversary month of Monster Radio RX 93.1 which is more like an icing on the cake.

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Behind the scenes Bamboo instructs his band with the quick rehearsals prior to the start of the program churning up of his songs from the successful debut album. He was almost all set as they are encountering unexpected feedbacks from their instruments but none the less they are ready to give the listeners something to remember this night.

He checks with everyone before all systems go with his first song on the list which is “Down The Line” but before that Francesca, the host of the show had played one song from the recording of the previous week with Bamboo’s former band mate from Rivermaya. Surely everyone have been tuned in last week with that invigorating sound but going back to the event Bamboo tweaks his set of songs until he signals his band to start the fun.

There were several songs in the list and he teases when asked how many he would perform. Some from behind would suggest 10 and Bamboo himself would oblige with a smirk that he’s ready for more starting with “Ikot” back to back then “In this Life.” Then he does a cover song in “Wonderwall” by Oasis in his own rendition.

Then he kicks in back to the groove with “Spin” which he performed last year but this time the song is of a different tune now with drums and percussion giving it some beats. Then after the two songs Francesca went to commercial and off the mic Bamboo continuous to fine tune his team. Then its on-air talking to Francesca revealing he’s lately fond of soccer as one of his workout exercise.

Mr. Manalac knows how to be fit and reveals he’s not good going solo playing chess and he suggests doing it with the group would find it more entertaining to watch.

The next two songs are new “The Only Way” and the last song was “Just Go” which was aired. There were some snippets of songs that were done behind the scenes. Event after the last one he did two more off-air which was a surprise as the crowd gather closely as Bamboo strums his guitar.

He was more accommodating with the fans interacting with them and having photos which include some video dedications for their friends who never made it to see this show.

It was wild and more like “on the fly” set up since the band only arrived by 4PM to get things done. The listeners from all over the world were tuned in and some of them back home had missed the opportunity but then again.

Bamboo will return but this month closes up the anniversary month with this unforgettable performance and we hope catch it once again.

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BAMBOO is just pure awesome!

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