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08.20.2012 – Monster Radio RX 93.1 is celebrating this August as their anniversary month and the surprises keeps churning in. We’ve heard Parokya ni Edgar opening up the month then followed by Someday Dream with Champ Lui Pio last week.

Missing the opening song “Burado” (Erased) where the packed RX booth has the audience spilled out watching from the glass windows where Rico Blanco wearing a bright orange headdress and painted face performed the second song “Lipat Bahay” (Transfer Home) from his latest album in Galatik Fiestamatik released under Warner Music Philippines.

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The crowed entertained his talented vocal and his repertoire of sounds that makes this one of the best RX Concert Series to date. Prior to Rico Blanco’s guest he was already promoting the gig that would change the way we see live performance on radio.

Everyone was in a resounding “YES!” in agreement as Blanco performed with such great detail pounding the drums and getting everyone’s feet. In-between the six songs he sang tonight he talked about the product of the album and gamely answering some twitter questions. For the listeners who were not able to see what happened behind the scene it was at almost frenzy. The devoted fans of Rico Blanco never ceased to amaze Francesca the host of the show.

Some who were able to arrive on time for the performance participated in having their faces painted and have worn their own version of the headrest. The one Rico Blanco have worn resembles the one used in the album cover of his latest solo album.

By the time he sang the third song “What It Is” the high energy made a shift to second gear with its all-new beat. Everyone was getting the vibe of the new song first heard on Philippine radio clapping their hands as the drum beats as Blanco danced in front of a huge audience who witness the performance behind the slightly dim class.

The Filipino tribal themed in “Ati-Atihan” music style performance is very much out of the usual Rico Blanco songs of the past. “What It Is” becomes an instant favourite but “Amats” is currently the one being on the radio play list. But who knows it might be the next one to be promoted as the single.

“Amats” (Intoxicated) was the next song with the opening instrument that sounded like the great highland bagpipe which followed with the thunderous drums and then that familiar beat. The song was the first single introduced Rico Blanco’s newest album which had a lot of air play on radio. Then it was followed by “Sayaw” (dance) were the lights turned off upon his request and everyone stood up in celebration in this song.

After two continues songs he was back on the chair again talking to the fans how he enjoyed this night and hoping he could pull out a similar idea for a huge audience in promoting his new album next time. Then he closed up the night with his song “Ngayon” (Now) to a rousing applause.

Everyone got the chance to mingle, sign some CDs and have their photo taken with Rico Blanco who was so appreciative having as the guest for the RX Concert Series. He shared to everyone prior to the last song that he also brought his family to watch him perform and it was definitely a treat on a special Monday night.

Galaktik Fiestamatik is the latest solo album of Rico Blanco which has 9 tracks released under Warner Music Philippines. For more of his future gigs and other event LIKE his Official Facebook Page!

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