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08.30.2012 – The Sony PS VITA announced mid-last year has finally made its arrival in the Philippines early 2012. It replaces the PlayStation Portable, the first handheld game console from Sony released more than 10 years ago.

There have been earlier reports of reviews and unboxing of the much talked about PS VITA. This was acquired during the preview night at the recently concluded Toy Expo 2012 at the SMX Convention Center from Toy Kingdom. This is the Asian Edition (Region 3) release retailed at P14, 999.75 pesos sold at Toy Kingdom and some in the industry described the PS Vita is the portable version of the PS3.

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The packaging comes with the standard blue box with the PS VITA pictured and details of the contests located at the side while the descriptions of the unit is featured at the back. Not to go over the technicalities of the PS VITA here’s some of the images…

Further details of the latest PlayStation VITA also includes photo comparison of the previous PSP Slim which can evidently be seen that the technology has definitely evolved by leaps and bounds.

Now the portable gaming machine has a touch screen and touch pad capability. The official video from Sony PlayStation will give you further information on what you need to know about the PS VITA and its other technological breakthrough in the next generation of handheld portable gaming…

For any casual gamer the PS VITA can be your own personal device next to your smart phone which can also let you access the social media platforms in Facebook, Twitter or even get to watch videos on YouTube though the only thing that can't do is for you to make the call. That would be quite interesting as the other version of the PS VITA has a sim card slot for the GSM accessibility.

The PS VITA being recently released is slowly building its own library yet no ability for you to use those old UMD discs. The only way to get the older games is online which is being supported by the PlayStation Store.

There are free games for you to try out that can be downloaded online and these are the ones for the casual gamer who just want to pass the time.

When you open the box it comes with the power cord and adapter but no memory card bundled with the unit which is unfortunate for you to take advantage in playing the games. But overall it’s a must have for the gamers but for the casual a smart phone is enough to download those game applications.

This is no longer just a handheld game machine but also capable of accessing the internet through its wifi option and it’s definitely ready to take on the stage of handheld wars.

PS VITA: Welcome To Our World.

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