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06.17.2012 – We all know Google has done several tributes to a significant day. It can be John Lennon’s birthday or celebrating Easter Sunday, Thanks Giving or Christmas. Today we celebrate Father’s day.

All over the world Google has designated a particular page whenever region you are located. It can in be Korea, the Philippines or Singapore as some examples of places that have its own Google default page that is designated to that country. It really depends where are you located Google will automatically make your default page for that region.

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In the Philippines last June 12, 2012 we celebrated the Philippine Independence Day and so Google have paid tribute exclusively in our native land. Today we celebrate Father’s Day but we have not seen any changes to our Google.

Google Japan would surprise you today with the Father’s Day doodle and we assumed this can’t be found in other Google sites.

We’re sure know the United States, Netherlands, and many other countries celebrate Father’s Day every third Sunday of June. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day with our dads, grand fathers, uncles, and would-be dads out there.

Happy Father’s Day!

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