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06.14.2012 – Globe Tattoo, the number one broadband in the country started the Tatt Awards in 2011 and continuous to honor those who rocked the local social media in the Philippines with ten categories.

Recognizing online personalities who have inspired, led, influenced and sparked changes in the world in a positive way is back this year.

From 1,051 nominations for the best social media players in the digital age, the list down to 50 finalists battling it out for the top plum in the upcoming award giving event this month.

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But for tonight’s festivity which was held at the posh 7th High Tatt Awards Finalists are named from the 10 categories which have five finalists through an innovative process of nominations, screening, and judging.

The Tatt Council a collective of well known individuals in the industry went through an intense group deliberation to select the elite group of finalists in each category. Powered by Tattoo for the new iPad which each Tatt Council was provided to view and review the links and sites of the nominees until they reached the final set of finalists.

The event was hosted was hosted by three individuals known from their expertise in their field. The third wheel from the morning show, the hottest Filipina counterpart of Mikey Bustos, and a front man from a well known local band.

Musical performance by Cristy and Ericka who are also well known in the social media breaking through you tube they are now recording artists under MCA Records. The duo sang three cuts from their second album before they announced the finalists in each of the ten categories.

There’s no need to elaborate further details but we go through a set of photos announcing the finalists that will be present on the upcoming Awards night which was taken from the recently concluded event that closed the program with a Rockeoke!

The #Thought Mover award will be given to that person who started fire in the Philippine Twittersphere and united people with one thought in 140 characters or less!

Given that all five finalists are not present as these individuals are heavy weights and very well known in the showbiz industry but hopefully will be present on awards night.

The Video Slinger award is given to that one video maker (individual or group) who shook the Pinoy web space with their creations. The finalist was present with Bogart The Explorer from Davao City.

Komikero great Gerry Alanguilan was not present but is named as one of the five finalists.

The Visualizer award is given to photo enthusiasts whose images say more about himself and his passion. Photo bloggers who’ve “clicked” in social media scene this year present and ready on awards night.

The Advocate award goes to a person or a group of individuals who worked to improve the state of a societal cause in the Philippines through social media.

The Indie Rocker award is for musical bands and indie artists who fought hard to claim their space in the hearts of the Filipino audience. They created, shared, and now they lead people’s hearts through original composition of their music. At present on stages is Gloc-9 but hopefully the nominees for this category will be in full force by awards night.

The Explorer award is give to a blogger who has to have a good reputation in food and travel world, whose entries are a good mix of cool photos and engaging write-ups. Of course Bogart the Explorer takes the stage and was present in this category but surely the rest will be there to represent when they give the award to the winner.

The Stylisimo award is given to the unique style that placed them in the radar who not only review fashion but sets the trend that everyone followed and these fine gentleman and the hottest women was present tonight.

The Game Changer award is for the one who has the knack for sports and who is a sports fan, athlete, sports instructor who channel their enthusiasm in any social media platform.

The Tech Junkie award was first introduced in the program but we leave it as second to the last category presenting the finalists who are informed, in-tune in the latest tech or gadget and also the backstage of the fast pace world of e-knowledge.

There where also the “The Freshest Award” for the rookie who is making everyone take notice in the social media stage. The finalists were mentioned but surely they will also be present when the awards night arrives on June 30, 2012.

Of course, The One award is more like the artist of the year but defined who have shaped the opinions and moved the people’s interest which blazed the trail in the Philippine internet defining the term “trend setter” who definitely made the difference.

Some of the members of the Tatt Council was present to introduced each category and they took the stage in giving us the preview of what is going to happen on the night one of each of the ten category will take home a Tatt Award.

There is already partial scores are in from the Tatt Council, its time for the public’s voice to be heard. For each nominee’s final score there is going to be 10% percent based on the number of votes through public voting. This remaining 10% percent still plays a big part in determining the winners as the current scores from the judges remain close.

Voting will be open to anyone in the social media space with a Facebook, Twitter, and Google account as votes can only be entered upon logging into the Tatt Awards portal via the accounts of users previously mentioned. Rock the vote as voting happens from June 13, 2012, 12AM until June 20, 2012, 11:59PM.

Be part of the year’s Tatt Awards and lead your favorites to the center stage as you get your votes counted! Count it down with Tattoo till the big announcement night on June 30, 2012! This year’s rocking winners will each receive PhP 100,000 Pesos.

To know more about the Tatt Awards, visit www.TattAwards.com and also follow @chooseTATTOO on Twitter.

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