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06.24.2012 – Last night Secret Fresh Gallery opened its doors to four talented illustrators in bringing great pieces of art influenced archetypes inspired from pop culture and vintage cartoons. There is also great detail on canvass that expresses authority and autonomy.

Then there are twists of ideal female form of sexual figures and Filipino folklore. That gives us such interesting thoughts on how to define great art among these women who leaves us a lasting impression.

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There's a lot of deep motivation that brings these art pieces to life which is something you don't see in the common mass media.

The exhibit is more than a static exploration of roles that meant to share from storyteller to another. You got four artists in Tin Garcia, Gab Lopez, Katrina Pallon, Julie Shen who where present in their exhibit together.

The exhibit runs in the next two to three weeks as the basement parking level of the Secret Fresh Gallery. Truly remarkable group of talents with their original thought provoking creations.

For more inquiries drop Secret Fresh at the Ronac Art Center located at 424 Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills North San Juan 1502 Manila, Philippines.

You can also LIKE the Secret Fresh Facebook Page for updates and announcements.

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