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05.16.2012 – Tow Mater has an average intelligence as he introduced himself to Finn McMissile the British Spy in Cars 2. Mater the sidekick of Lightning McQueen has grown on his own as a humors character voiced by Larry The Cable Guy.

Just like McQueen the character of Mater has a lot of merchandise related items. If you collect “The World of Cars” chances are you have seen all shapes, size, and versions of Mater. He even starred in his own 5 minute shorts dubbed “Mater Tales” where his exploits and adventures were featured.

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Mattel the toy manufacturer of Cars and other spin offs of the toy line has churned up every version of Mater.

We had the opportunity to share to you the “Look: My Eyes Change!” version where instead of printed eyes they where replaced by lenticular or preferably known as “hologram” stickers.

Last month we happen to encounter a different brand and product of the Cars series. Tomica the Japanese diecast cars that can rival Mattel’s Hot Wheels toy line had released a series of Cars and Cars 2 characters.

It was rare to find one at the Gaisano Mall in Davao City and bit more expensive than standard Tomica cars going for PhP 170.00 pesos each.

So far we only saw two versions of Mater in this small scale based from the two movies. Of course we picked the later since the Classic Mater was never armed with a Gatling gun unless you saw Cars 2.

Takara Tomy the same toy manufacturers of Transformers in Japan had released these diecast vehicles based from the animated films.

This version of Mater has almost same details as the Mattel version only smaller but the rear tires are more detailed. Having the one we previously featured had a solid piece unlike this version with detailed rear tires to have two wheels of each side.

Overall the Tomica version has its own merits being detailed and accurate with the rear license plate and the detailed tires. But if you’re looking for sturdy play the Mattel version can be highly suggested as Tomica version is more geared to collectors.

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