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05.13.2012 – If last Friday’s press conference that featured DJ Neil Armstrong sampling his music repertoire was not enough for you. The event last night at Skye Lounge gave us the perspective how innovative he was as an individual. DJ Neil Armstrong along with DJ Badkiss who open up the event that featured also DJ Nick Stampede brought the house down during the adidas Originals BBQ Party.

The event was graced by local celebrities, radio DJs, TV personalities, and even athletes from the basketball community which include notable PBA (Philippine Basket Ball Association) players who hang out and enjoyed the fun.

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They served grilled burgers and barbecues as well as drinks from ice teas, beers and vodkas that were definitely one weekend to tend the Saturday night. There were familiar faces in the radio industry that recognized us and called our names. We relaxed to the hip mash ups by DJ Armstrong and mingled with the crowd.

It was definitely a weekend where the bigwigs hang out at the posh Skye Lounge located at the fourth level of W Building which is the residence of exotic car showrooms of Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini.

Definitely an event that can not be topped and if you have heard about it but never got to chance to witness the spectacle check out these few snaps…

Adidas Originals is running a “Leaving a Legacy” campaign that began from May 12 to June 10, 2012. All you have to do is shoot yourself wearing adidas Originals on their unique photo stage and win one of the ten PhP 50,000 pesos worth of adidas vouchers if you photo gets voted into the top 10.

Or shoot your adidas Originals look anywhere line and upload it via facebook.com/adidasPhilippines.

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