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05.18.2012 – Neil Gaiman who believed has encountered “The Wall of Sound” when he first visited the Philippines in 2005 has take up the challenge to stand in the podium and addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012.

For the twenty minutes we hear the man dressed in black as his usual attire trades that signature clothing for a toga and graduation hat to speak with inspiration.

Not long ago Gaiman was quite the man we last saw in 2010 and charmed everyone for three days in his first visit.

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He was on top form today to show us that we should go out and make some art. Neil Gaiman known for Vertigo’s Sandman series has been churning up books, getting involve in animation and directing an episode of Doctor Who.

Here in this video you’ll see the man teach, inspire, and make us laugh for twenty minutes it felt like we just saw him yesterday where actually was back in March 2010. The last visit he made to the Philippines and making everyone become his friends was remarkable in his speech and we can’t say any more…

Neil Gaiman addresses the graduating students from the University of Arts and acknowledge to The University of the Arts (Phl) for sharing this inspiring video.

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