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04.26.2012 – Marvel’s The Avengers has arrived and Manila is beaming with news and rave reviews churning up the updates and a little bit of spoilers. The film had gone through three or four world premieres dating back to April 11, 2012.

It was the biggest of the stars that came and Marvel had a live broadcast via YouTube.

This was the most anticipated and ambitious film ever assembled that was planned way Back in April 2005. This was when Merrill Lynch had given the grant to Marvel.

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Well the next phase of the development started in producing Iron Man in 2008. The rest of the story has become now a history that has been happening as we speak. Putting Joss Whedon at the helm is the right man for the job having written the Astonishing X-Men comic book series you’ll know he got the right mix in bringing this film a reality.

In the beginning there where a few debates about the world of Iron Man that had technology won’t mash up with the realm of Thor’s fantasy. We got our own questions too but whatever Whedon and Zak Penn had put up it definitely worked.

For those who have not read a Marvel comic book maybe you can start reading about these characters Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had created. In the original comic book back in 1963 the story was simpler and yet campy but it was stuff legends are made of. It definitely cemented Marvel in the popular culture.

After seeing this film all we can say is DC Comics and Warner Bros. should start thinking of investing talent in comic books artists, the best actors, and directors who have been a fan at heart. Because The Dark knight Rises may be an all-star cast but it’s not The Avengers. Hollywood is now Marvel’s territory and they did a great job making these characters come to life. It’s been a long time coming for Marvel to make it big and its going to pay off.

Joss Whedon has found his Midas touch in directing Marvel’s Cinematic Superhero Team. It was definitely a treat for the young, the casual, and to people from all walks of life who just want entertainment.

It goes back to the time he made Astonishing X-Men one of the best books six years ago because he writes character driven stories and he did made us proud. Now he has set a bar to top this one it would take some major ground breaking out of the ordinary story. This is not the last we’ll see of The Avengers and prior to the films release talks of a sequel is underway and phase 2 begins with Iron Man 3.

Overall you’ll never notice how long this film is and it definitely gave us something new to see. This doesn’t end we are just beginning. There were too many fresh questions but we’ll find out those answers soon enough. This film is rated a perfect 10/10 just the sheer spectacle can never be described until you see it for yourself.

Marvel’s The Avengers is now showing nationwide in the Philippines from Walt Disney Studious in cooperation with Paramount Pictures distributed by Columbia Pictures. The film opens in North America on May 4, 2012!

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Mark Rosario said...

I loved the movie too. I was a bit disappointed Captain America didn't yell the famous "Avengers Assemble" catchphrase.. Or did I miss it?.. Anyway, it was still one awesome film! :)

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