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05.03.2012 – The Visual Music Carnival is this summer’s invitation to a rhythmic revelry of rock with a cause: Hearing impaired groups stage a concert that will help the deaf community resonate with our own frequencies.

This event funds will be used to support Telecommunications Service Network for the Deaf Chairman George Taylor as he installs the Video Relay Service -- a groundbreaking tech that provides a more convenient interpreting services for hearing impaired communities.

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The venue will be at the Amoranto Stadium on May 12, 2012which starts at 12 noon to 12 midnight. The country’s finest talent in the music industry performs live and raw.

With performances by Valley of Chrome, Saydie, Imago, Radio Active Sago Project, Typecast, Philia, The Chongkeys, Mayonnaise, Mr. Bones and the Boneyards Circus, Jurrassic Pards, Reklamo, 4th Drazkik, Sigaw, Bushfire, Paramita, Tyranny of Solidity, Ordemuz, Prologo, Candy Candy, Odat, and Subkulture!

Entrance Fee: PhP 150.00 Pesos with Free Rides, Free Skates, Free Game Tokens!

For more details of the event LIKE their Official Facebook Page.

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