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01.15.2012 – Whenever you’re on the road either commuting via train or driving along the South Luzon Expressway sometimes the distraction comes in huge attractive billboards. There are several billboards which catches your eye due to its unique and interesting message that it conveys.

Sometimes there is even a certain point that you want to see it again and wanting to close. There was one interesting billboard that has been getting some buzz online lately since it was first reported in December 2011.

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For anyone who like taking pictures this was set my curiosity to find one of these interesting billboards on the road.

The billboard I’m talking about was the ivi Premium Collagen advertisement which features actress Gretchen Barretto as its image ambassador/endorser. There were reports that four of these interesting billboards are situated in major thoroughfares around Metro Manila.

What sets my curiosity is not Gretchen Baretto but the two men high up on a billboard cleaning her face as if there’s a smudge that needs to be fixed. This could have set everyone’s attention which turns out that they are just two dummies stringed together to appear as they are making repairs on the giant billboard of Gretchen Baretto.

The billboard is actually promoting about health and wellness at the same time sending a message to everyone that maintaining your beauty especially to women is within your reach. ivi Premium Collagen is a powdered drink mix.

It promotes the concept “Erase age marks” and promises that this product would prove to be more effective compared to creams or lotions.

For anyone who doesn’t have any idea what’s a Collagen it is the main structural protein which can be found in our bodies. This product replenishes the lost collagen in your skin just like the two dummies of the billboard holding sponge mops trying to get rid of Ms. Baretto’s face of sagging skin, wrinkles and other imperfections.

Just like the window cleaners that are trying to remove glass stains and dust marks which represented in this campaign in promoting ivi Premium Collagen’s latest product. The powdered drink mix would benefit you in maintaining your skin.

ivi Premium Collagen is a definite health benefit which also slows skin aging. The powdered mix drink is packed with vitamins and antioxidants which is 5000mg of pure Collagen in each sachet.

If the billboard that you see here suits your curiosity and looked very interesting what is ivi Premium Collagen is all about try checking out the product. For more details and helpful information which can be found in their official website.

For further inquiries you may direct your questions just LIKE their Official Facebook Page where they may give you the answers regarding the ivi Premium Collagen and their other products.

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The Lunch Break Blogger said...

Kailan mo to kinuwa? Makadaan nga ng expressway! Kamusta na bro?

leira said...

this product is really interesting will go to Watson's the check out this product.

Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

wahaha, there is also one at C5, I thought at first the cleaners are real people...

Ning Buning said...

yes I saw that also yun pala yun heheh..galing..

JayL Aquino said...

i haven't seen this yet pero it looks really interesting :D

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