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01.10.2012 – Mikey Bustos starts his morning as a guest jock for the day on the top rating radio show The Morning Rush with Chico, Delamar, and Gino. This was a special show featuring Youtube sensation and Canadian Idol Mikey Bustos was at it again with his hilarious Filipino accent.

The Rushers (the morning show’s fans) was up and about to show support and the RX Studious was lively than ever. The Top 10 topic was all about the Filipino Folklore or “Aswang” (Ghost) where Mikey shared his experience encountering “Duwendes” (Dwarf) where he was given a “Kuliti” (Sty).

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He also talked about his other hobby aside from appearing on YouTube with his Filipino Tutorials. Mikey is well versed and knowledgeable about cultivating an Ant Farm in which he started his own business back in Canada. The highlight of the program was a skit that pits Chico Garcia’s radio alter ego known as the Call Center Guy who tries to sell Mikey an adult toy in a form of a “Sizzling Cucumber” which topped even the regular “Epic Rap-Off” segment with Chico and Gino…

The humor can’t be contained by the listeners and fans of Mikey who managed to drop by the station to see it live up close and personal. They also talked about Mikey’s growing career in the Philippines now that he’s getting TV spots and appearances.

The booth was crowded by friends and of course a rare photo opportunity with the next show which is the RORO Show with Jude, Rico, and Ms. Karen Bordador. The fans had their own opportunity to get their individual photos with Mikey Bustos.

You can catch the video blog of Mikey in his YouTube Channel for now see some rare images behind the scenes with the gang…

For more of Mikey Bustos keep in touch with him by following his twitter, LIKE his Facebook Page, or directly Subscribe to his personal Facebook Account to know where he will be appearing.

Of course tonight is more intimate with the press media as he appears at the Crowne Plaza organized by Jack n’ Jill since he is the image endorser for “Chicharon ni Mang Juan.” Catch his next appearances this week on GMA 7 Network shows!

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