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01.16.2012 – There are collaborations and also celebrations to promote the local scene in OPM (Original Pilipino Music). There is also nostalgia to go back once in a while to re-live that particular era which we fondly remember like it was yesterday.

Popular Culture had a huge impact in our daily lifestyle and this evident how we live in such a diverse society. There are Movies, Television shows and various media that made headlines that had made trends in those times. But most of what we remember in that particular era is the sound of it all.

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MCA Music teams up with Samsung bringing you the 90s music which we fondly remember and as we have been looking up in the beginning of this decade. It’s about time we remember that particular decade that shaped up our lives and changed our future which is now our present. We rekindle the sound that made the 1990s authentic with MCA Music bringing the current artists to perform their own version of their favorite artists of that era.

Samsung brings us the latest technology with its ultimate MP3 evolution, The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 launching the album that will be remembered from 2012 and beyond – “90s Music Comes Alive!

The back to back event happening at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls in Eastwood Central Plaza and Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill culminates with some of the hottest performances from our local artists. The bands that ignited some nostalgia of the 1990s performance came from Chicosci, December Avenue, Hijo, Tanya Markova and Typcast rounding up the ensemble that brought the house down last Friday.

The night was young and laid back at the Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill with the opening show started at 8PM hosted by Jam 88.3’s DJ Scotty.

The artists that made Saturday night quite an entertainment was lead by Toto Sorioso who got a tweet of credit of appreciation from Lisa Loeb who sang “Stay” which he recorded for the 90s Music Comes Alive album. The night was not over as Scotty had some trivia for the audience for them to win some special prizes in-between set ups of the next performer on stage. Tricia Garcia was the next artist who is not in the 90s Music Comes Alive album but shared and sang her favorite 90s song on stage.

The evening won’t be quite as entertaining without the Acoustic Sweetheart in Sabrina Orial fresh from having her fourth album getting a gold recording stamp in Indonesia. She sang and entertained her passionate fans to six songs.

Closing the night it was Nyoy Volante giving his own rendition of “Someday” from the late 1990s a song originally performed by the Soul Siren Nina Garido who recently launched her album in November 2011.

Overall the closing out launch of the 90s Music Comes Alive brings us some unique versions of the original songs performed by their artists. The album itself carries 14 tracks from the hottest OPM artists sold for PhP 280 pesos pick a copy and definitely will take you down to memory lane from MCA Music!

The enitre coverage which includes performances of each of the artists at Venice Piazza can be viewed at our JAMSTORM Media YouTube Channel!

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