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12.04.2011 – Finally! After the long wait Rez Toldeo aka the SomedayDream has launched his debut EP of the same titled album. The hip culture of electronica has begun with Rez taking the lead as MCA Music and MECCA Music brought the house down at PhiBar in Metrowalk last Tuesday.

Of course this would be a long time coming that we share our thoughts of the album that carries seven tracks from the guy who made us appreciate the “Delivery Boys” and remember the ice cream jingle that “Hey Datdreamer” was all about.

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For all we can remember in Rez is the guy behind his success and that is former Hale lead vocalist Champ Lui Poi who discovered this talent. Indeed as Champ said his days as the front man of the most elusive band of the 2000s is done and it’s time for Rez Toledo to shine. For the past 11 months the height of Rez ascension in the music industry was not that all too easy.

He has made a cult following through his Myspace account that began in 2009 and we can call him a “YouTube” discovery of sorts in another social network site.

In those seven tracks opening up with digital techno beats in “Prelude” and the most listened “Hey Daydreamer” for an ice cream jingle. None so differently up beat than “Do-do With You” which honestly not the strongest one to be caught listening to, but definitely “Delivery Boys” was the one to “Break” your mind about this song takes a slow paced music kid of balladry. You “Sing This Song” in harmony to Rez talents but the acoustic version of “Hey Daydreamer” could be better heard in its different format.

For an EP SomedayDream has made fans listen to the harmonics and to the electronic beat that sometimes mistakenly done by a foreign artist. As a matter of fact one of Rez influence was Daft Punk and he did a cover for "Digital Love" one of their well known songs during the launch of his debut EP.

The album is simple in blue jacket with an in lay of artistic photography layout in blue, which is easily to be spotted in Odyssey Record Bars and outlets. You can believe dreams do come true as Rez the young ward of Champ is making a leap out of his own which rates this album 4 out of 5 as the break out album for such a young talent.

For more of Rez Toledo follow him on twitter or visit the Official SomedayDream Facebook Page and don’t forget to LIKE! SomedayDream is from Mecca Music and locally distributed in the Philippines by MCA Music.

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