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12.04.2011 – Last night’s debut album by kidWOLF has definitely rocked our brainwaves. The event was held at the Level 5 of Centerpoint building just foru stories above the Mang Inasal restaurant in Pasong Tamo. The program didn’t start until 9PM as people start to arrive.

The performance began with “GoldDigger” with Miles Blue Sy and Arra Pascual performing the opener in their futuristic wardrobe along with the man himself kidWOLF spinning with his brand of electronic music. The program was fast pace from one performance to another.

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The drinks was over flowing after the presentation as Arra spins her own brand of music using the Pioneer DJ controller as she is also the image model of the product. Filo Records latest album in “Rock Your Brainwaves” was definitely sold out for PhP 220.00 pesos and as confirmed there might be another event related to the release of the album.

The jocks of 99.5RT in Marf of Disenchanted Kingdom and Neil Almighty of the Awesome Show dropped by to support the launch. If you missed the happenings from last night check out this set of snaps…

kidWOLF’s debut album “Rock Your Brainwaves” is released under Filo Records. You can get more details on how to get your hands on the latest album by visiting and LIKE the Official Facebook Page!

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