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12.05.2011 – How would you define pure Filipino inspired Electronica? The recent weekend we get to witness the very first music released under Filo Records. Its humble Beginning we get the kidWOLF: Rock Your Brainwaves which features new vocals from talents headed by FHM Philippines 100% Percent Hottie in Arra Pascual.

This also features the young talents in Miles blue Sy, Sol Static, Khael Lopez and Mia with kidWOLF whose break out album features his own brand of sound. The development of this album took two years with of course trials and errors along the way.

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We can consider this a virtual unknown in the music industry but give this a try and you’ll hear what a Filipino inspired Electronica sounds like. Without any comparisons to other Filipino artists under this genre this album stands out on its own with pure original compositions. The back bone of this album would be the collaboration between Arra Pascual and kidWOLF.

Giving the nine track album a good listen let’s highlight the main songs that caught our attention from the list that defines Rock Your Brainwaves:

GoldDigger” being the first song in the track is also part of the teaser avp that went viral online prior to the album launch which sticks to our collective consciousness. It sounded foreign at first but you hear a female singer and it’s Arra Pascual. This makes her debut in showing her vocal talent prowess besides being a sex symbol gracing in men’s magazine in FHM.

The sound is futuristic as her voice would definitely give the song an angelic sound. This also features Miles Blue Sy’s vocals a relatively unknown talent who lends his voice for this opening ensemble.

Freedom” features Mia a new up and coming talent and the second female singer blending in to kidWOLF’s trademark sound. Strong vocals and she has the talent though virtually unknown this must be her first debut under the Rock Your Brainwaves album. The song on the second track is free spirited in fast but that’s a good listen while driving at night. Consider one of those songs you’d like to load up in your car stereo.

Dance Dance” featuring Miles Blue Sy another young talent and collaborates with kidWOLF with strong beats and has electronic written all over it. Miles break out performance is relatively new and since this is his first we can’t wait to hear more of his songs. There’s always room for growth as this is also the only song that features his solo vocals.

Bring Me Down” features Sol Static’s deep voice which has an emotional spectrum of melancholy written all over it. There’s a story in this song about relationships and waiting for something that didn’t happen. This brings us to the title of the song with cold calculating feel to the sound that kid WOLF incorporates with Sol Static’s vocals.

Frequency” features the solo vocals of Arra Pascual her second song with kidWOLF taking care of the beats and the sound. Arra’s vocals take a different take from “GoldDigger” more technical sounding audio. It tells about the elements of “connection”, “collaboration”, and “communication” what makes of a frequency and this displays a different side to Arra Pascual.

Notable mentions in the next four tracks in “Skyscrapers (Line in the Sky)” a duet with Miles Blue Sy and Mia more like your brand of love song in electronica.
Cameras” features kidWOLF himself his only song that has his vocals that talks about photography in its truest sense. If there’s “Freedom” you hear Mia takes her “Revolution” as oppose to the second track this must be something worth listening twice with its strong vibe more of her voice was digitized that sounded so foreign than Filipino.

The last track features another talent in Khael Lopez in “Snow Soda” to close up the album with slow beats. This is another emotional sound that mirrors with “Bring Me Down” with a lot of thoughts inside that tell about the revolution inside of an individual.

Overall Rock Your Brainwaves is a mixed of emotions that defines how the album was made in the process. Rated 3.5 out of 5 with a well balanced talent and it features individual breakthrough in each of the individual personalities that make this album new to the ear. Pick up a copy for P220.00 from Filo Records and appreciate Filipino original electronica in sound.

For more visit and LIKE kidWOLF’s Official Facebook Page and the details on how to acquire this album. Support the original and appreciate its Filipino inspired concept that definitely makes this a rare opportunity in exploring electornica.

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