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12.25.2011 – The launch of the iPhone 4S was turned into an extravagant competition as it’s no longer an exclusive in one telco giant. The bottom line in this ongoing telco wars the winner will always be the consumer and it’s a good option now that there’s two options to choose from.

But for some who has the privilege to pick up the phone without subscribing to any of the two giants it’s definitely a good third option. We look at the new iPhone 4S from SMART Communications which was recently had a spectacular launch last December 16, 2011.

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The catch here is having Siri your personal digital assistant which still needs to be “Filipino Friendly” as there are some locations in the Philippines that it doesn’t recognize. There was even one viral parody that went around that Macapuno Systems provided a video about Ate Vangie a satirical obnoxious counterpart to the friendly but less violent Siri.

For those who plan to subscribe and avail the iPhone 4S check out the details in this photo taken during the launch of this most talked about mobile phone…

This eye catching white iPhone 4S has been out in the market since October 2011 and the Philippines was probably one of the last countries to ever have its launching to bringing this product. Check out a few snaps of images as we had a quick on-hand personal look of the new iPhone 4S...

Special acknowledgements for the special shirt they gave away from Smart Communications and congratulations again for its successful launch party that brought the house down in bringing Apple’s iPhone 4S to the Philippines.

Maybe it’s time to pick up one don’t you think?

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