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12.21.2011 – If you haven’t been informed Mikey Bustos is spending Christmas in the Philippines and the man known as “Mang Juan” in the vegan snack known as “Chicharon ni Mang Juan” has been in the country for almost a week now gallivanting in the malls with Frank McCormick.

If you have been following his exploits from the day he shared you his hotel suite in Crowne Plaza to the day Frank McCormick had Chicken Joy at Jollibee has his take home lunch then you may be paying attention through Mikey’s Facebook updates that he’s making rounds via his radio tour.

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We caught up with Mikey Bustos dropping by Ron Valentine’s “The Revolver Show” which his last stop to promote his presence in the local scene. The nominated Globe Tatt Awards for “Best Video Slinger” was overwhelmed with the fans welcoming him from different walks of life. If you missed his interview at 99.5RT check out these images…

There was a lengthy video interview that we recorded but due to the last parts of the clip has been cut due to the camera’s low battery to complete the radio interview. But the good thing though we recorded the important parts of the said video...

Mikey plans to organize a meet and greet early next month for his viewers and followers on Youtube. Just stay tuned for further updates when it’s going to be. You can get more of Mikey Bustos on his YouTube Channel just subscribe or LIKE his Official Facebook Page! Don’t forget to follow him also on twitter!

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