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12.27.2011 – It’s a countdown to four days to go before we say goodbye to the year 2011.

In the other side of the world preparations were underway to celebrate the annual occasion. There’s on notable place that has been keeping with the tradition is New York City.

For many years since 1907 the New York Time Square has been a venue for the New Year celebration.

It has been a fixture of the American culture and the preparation to celebrate to usher the New Year has inspired many countries to have their own event not to miss.

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An hour ago the Time Square NYC Facebook Page has shared a couple of photos of workers installing new Crystal Triangles of The Ball were specially engraved by Waterford artisans with the names of the countries and regions that lost citizens, the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the four airline flights and the names of uniformed rescue organizations that lost members in the 9/11 tragedy.

There are a total of 195 “Hope for Healing” Waterford crystal triangles from the Times Square Ball, which commemorate the lives lost on September 11, 2001. These were installed to The Ball that will drop at Time Square upon countdown this coming Sunday.

If you haven't watched the movie "New Year's Eve" the ball was one of the main attractions of the film. The ball has triangles and each about 3/8” thick, 4.75” to 5.75" in length, and 6.8 ounces in weight, are custom-designed and built to exacting standards to withstand the stresses of high winds, precipitation and temperature fluctuation that exist 470 feet above Times Square.

Time Square’s dropping of the ball has been viewed by millions of viewers all over the world and the visitors who spend welcoming the New Year has grown in numbers. It’s something New York is familiar with when it comes to these kinds of celebrations.

If you can’t make it to see the event unravel in person Time Square will have a LIVE webcast for you to witness the celebration. For more updates about Time Square New Year’s Eve Ball please do LIKE the Official Facebook page!

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