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03.31.2011 – For the tech savvy who are always keeping up the times it’s not unusual to have the latest gadget in the market. For those getting into the interest of owning the tablet Apple is a step ahead when you talk about this product.

The genesis of touch pads get an upgrade as Apple released the second generation in the iPad 2 a computer tablet that will continue to revolutionized the tech medium. The latest iteration of the mobile tablet certainly gets new upgrades here…

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This is a 16 Gigabyte running on 3G network with an upgrade on the two-way camera located in the front and the back. This was released in 2011 internationally in 25 countries including the Philippines. By now there have been review site out there who have owned a unit that’s been talking about.

The new iPad2 may not physically appear like there’s new but internally the specs will give you an idea that this has been an improved version of the first one. These images below will give you a quick preview:

It might time for you to get a new iPad 2 this may have multiple use which serves as a platform for audio-visual media including books, news, movies, music, games, presentations and web content.

The iPad 2 has a lithium-ion polymer battery that lasts up to 10 hours, a dual core Apple A5 processor and was the first iPad to feature VGA front-facing and 720p rear-facing cameras designed for FaceTime video calling.

This sums up what it can definitely do and certainly we’re in the future already.

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