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12.08.2011 – The Lion King has been one of Disney’s all-time favorites and its popularity in the 1990s has given this movie a second chance to be shown once again this time to the younger generation.

Recently Walt Disney Pictures Philippines held a special private screening at their main office.

If you haven’t heard about the success of the Lion King in North America this would be a remarkable and unexpected reception this movie had received upon its screening last September 16, 2011 pushing its popularity to greater heights.

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The animated feature has been one of the first to incorporate computer graphics behind “Beauty and the Beast” and “Aladdin”, which had some stunning visuals that really captivated the viewers with its awesome story. The success had taken this film to a whole new level of appreciation that can be seen by future generations. If you watched the original format the possibly was pre-made to have a 3D feature which you’ll notice after seeing this animated film.

What a Wonderful Thing

The visual no doubt has been truly an unforgettable perspective and gave us something more in its 3D format. What can we say about one of the Disney Classic shown for the younger ones who didn’t grow up seeing the original format in local cinemas?

Disney animation is truly remarkable with The Lion King making in theaters once again and earning more unexpectedly. The soundtrack makes this animated feature way better with its re-mastered music. There’s nothing much to tell about the Lion King 3D. But definitely Disney’s giving it another chance for you to see this in the big screen.

"Hakuna Matata!"

Overall Lion King 3D earns a perfect 5 out 5 rating for its originality with added 3D makes one of the animated films that bring the original Disney nostalgia. The film opens across the Philippines on December 14, 2011 from Walt Disney Pictures Philippines!

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