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12.10.2011 – The holiday season is upon us and there’s a breeze of excitement building up on Christmas day.

Everyone wants something under that Christmas tree and it might be anything but for most of us gadget heads we’ve been anticipating this for months now.

If you plan to pick up a new mobile phone there’s one that eludes us and that is Apple’s iPhone 4S, which has been talked about for months. What a better time for you to think ahead and expand your lifestyle in owning an iPhone right?

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For some reasons there were some let downs with regard to the announcement of its latest incarnation and most comments say it’s the same phone that has upgraded software. There was a huge expectation that we’ll get to see the iPhone 5, but it turns out the latest model won’t happen until next year.

There were so many contradictions and disappointments but there are also some who had left a good word that the iPhone 4S has something to be appreciated.

Personally I took the liberty to research about the upcoming iPhone 4S, which turned out to be more than just another 4th Generation wannabe. Under the hood it’s were the heart of the Dual-core A5 chip can also be found in the iPad2. It now functions faster with convenience when launching apps, playing games or browsing the web with such a delightful experience.

The new iPhone 4S can be your multimedia device having an 8MP camera which allows you to take high detailed photos and it also allows you to take HD video captures (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with clear audio. It runs under the iOS 5 and you can now chat with your friends using the iMessage for free plus there are 200 more features to explore with the new iPhone 4S.

But what really makes iPhone 4S interesting and special is the much talked about “Siri”. This allows users to speak to “Siri” with the iPhone 4S. It’s your own virtual assistant which allows you to interact by just using your voice and this would benefit you in accomplishing your tasks. There are other devices that have this similar feature but limited with the word people say. SIRI is different and this technology has been developed to understand and acts on it.

When word got out that this latest gadget is about to be launched December 16, 2011 everyone thought about the local provider in Globe Telecom, who has been the first to bring the iPhone to the Philippines as an exclusive. For so many years it has marketed Apple’s iPhone as one of their premiere mobile devices.

Today even though it’s no longer an exclusive from Globe, but they made sure to give their clients an option they can’t refuse in renewing their contract or apply for a new one.

Globe also gives you two options to acquire the iPhone 4S and it’s either through prepaid or postpaid plans. For the past three years Globe being the first to bring the iPhone in the country has positioned itself in the market, which provides the best deals and the benefit that includes Apple’s product portfolio for every users need.

What a way to welcome the new year with the new iPhone 4S from Globe that would be something to get connected, interact, and be amazed with its latest technology that Apple has to offer.

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JayL Aquino said...

i already have two Apple products and I know the quality of these things! :D can't wait to have this!

The Lunch Break Blogger said...

If it comes from Steve Jobs, its always a good job! Apple is the best!

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