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10.07.2011 – adidas continue to develop the best high performance shoes out there. They are listening to their fans, collectors and casual consumers how it performs on the court. Of course there are good and constructive reactions out provided through videos and blogs.

After taking home the NBA MVP and leading his team to 62 wins for the Chicago Bulls, Rose was rewarded with a very special pair of shoes. While the lockout is still not giving us no clarification when it will end, but there’s a bright spot to all this drama.

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Derrick Rose himself had come up his on sneaker preview review of the adiZero ROSE 2, which we don’t know when he’ll be wearing it for real. Right now the reigning MVP of the NBA shares his insights of this interesting pair of shoes…

The adiZero ROSE 2 is out now in the Philippines which retails for PhP 6995.00 pesos get your now!

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