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11.12.2011 – How would you define passion in a purse sense? It really depends how you exert effort in one and definitely everyone has passion. For the hobby of photography it takes time to find your own “voice” in channeling that effort to show your own perspective.

It’s not about having the most expensive camera set up or the oldest digital camera that you’ve wanted to throw away and upgrade to a newer model. It’s about having a perspective and it’s a very long learning process and there are no shortcuts.

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It’s about how you define passion for such a craft that makes you unique. Photography has been part of our daily life capturing the essence using camera albeit high end Digital Single Reflect Lens or just plain Power Shot point & shoot it’s all about having an eye on the perspective. This brings us to the recently concluded Canon Photomarathon 2011, which was held at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City that has two thousand eight hundred attendees that define this as a celebration.

No other brand could pull out this kind of passion and Canon delivered its ascension to success how the brand is not only about selling cameras. They put the importance on their consumers and bringing this event that defined the interest further with photography.

These captured images bring the event that would give you the idea how big Canon has put its investment in bringing the interest in this hobby…

If you missed this year’s Canon Photomarathon it’s always held at the second week of November and updates of the registration won’t be set until the end of October. There’s plenty of time for you to practice shoot and appreciating the love of photography.

Believe that it’s not the camera that defines good photography or digital manipulation. It’s the eye of the beholder that defines true passion on how you capture the moment.

This is how Canon gives the reason why the product “Delight You Always” to seize the moment.

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