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11.11.2011 – The date today is quite unique and lots of events happening left and right going through the weekend. But this time around one of those events was early up giving you happenings. This is commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Caltex and together with 99.5RT!

They are giving away FREE fuel for the lucky motorist who stops by and uttering the words “Caltex – Enjoy The Journey!”

They will get PhP 1,000.00 pesos worth of fuel for their vehicle and not only that they get to have the 99.5RT sticker.

(Please CLICK on the title for the full article)

If you missed the happening early this morning you won’t miss the last leg tonight at the Caltex Station located at Julia Vargas Street at 6PM. You favorite 99.5RT jock will be there to meet you and have your car get a stamp of “The Best Music on the Planet”.

For now check out the images that transpired early this morning featuring the other half of the Awesome Show – Neil Almighty with the Caltex Ladies at the fuel pump station and together with the RT Ford Fiesta…

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