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11.15.2011 – EastWest Bank Auto Loan was a successful campaign with their Free Fuel promo and for that their brand ambassador Derek Ramsay joined us once again for our Road Trip to Tagaytay. It was early in the morning that the media invited came together to meet up at McDonald’s Greenbelt branch.

The second group was there up early in Quezon City where one of the two coaster buses provided by EastWest Bank had picked them up en route to Petron Station in South Luzon Expressway. Both groups culminated in arriving at the designated point despite the strong rains that poured all night.

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The travel was not a great one but the EastWest Bank team did not give up in pushing with the road trip. The low visibility was not cooperating with the plans but both media crew arrived at the designated point. Derek Ramsay arrived a few minutes later in his 2011 piano black Volvo V60 T5 which he named “The General”, and without any hitch everyone had breakfast at Pancake house.

The weather had stopped but the road trip has not yet formally begun until the lead van had left then followed Derek Ramsay’s sleek Volvo. It was a long drive but everyone felt relaxed and at ease as the sky begins to clear.

While on the road the bus that picked us up in Makati had several exchange of introductions and stories. The next thing we knew we’re already in Tagaytay as the temperature rise up things god colder and the road gets fogged. The skies are still gray but no downpours though expect the rain any time soon.

Derek Ramsay was introduced by EastWest Bank’s newest brand ambassador a few months back. The athletic actor is known passionate for sports and cars, driving to as far as Banaue or Donsol to see its famed whale sharks, or down south for some scuba diving in Nasugbu. Fresh from his box office films (No Other Woman & Praybeyt Benjamin) it’s a perfect time to just let loose and relax by driving to Tagaytay and he invited the media with his EastWest Bank family for this special occasion.

“Going on road trips is my way of relaxing, getting to know my land and bonding with my car,” said the avid car collector.

“I love travelling and taking road trips. It opens my mind and lets me experience new things. I’m the kind of guy who enjoys the feel of the wheel in my hands. I listen to how the car responds with every turn and bump. Travelling has definitely contributed to the kind of person that I am today,” he said during his get-away in Tagaytay Highlands.

The campaign for EastWest Bank was perfect with Derek reaching out to the casual motorist with the launch of Auto Loan's promo where qualified loan applicants get free gas up to PhP 50,000 pesos. The promo ends November 30.

However, with the Bank’s ongoing “Dream Big Win Big” raffle promo, auto loan applicants will still continue to earn raffle points for every P50,000 loan amount for a chance to win huge rewards. The bank-wide “Dream Big Win Big” promo period is from October 5, 2011 to March 31, 2012.

“This is why I believe in EastWest Bank’s Auto Loan program. It enables the consumer to purchase his dream car and see places, too. Of course whenever you avail of a loan, there are some risks involved.

But in life, the greatest people take the greatest risks. You have to take risks to reap the rewards in the end. Through EastWest Bank’s Auto Loan program, the consumer can drive up to his dream places--plus more. It offers the fastest turnaround for approval,” he continued, citing how his parents, who have been clients of EastWest Bank since 1994, grew their business from borrowed money.

“They worked hard, paid their debts faithfully, and now have around 200 employees. They sent us children to good schools and gave us a comfortable life. That would not have happened if they didn’t take the risk.”

Asked how he manages his money, he said at the beginning of the year, he sets goals and what he wants to accomplish. “I plan out what I want to make, what I will need and how I’m going to pay it back. It’s all about planning your life. You’ve got to work, you have to sweat. One should never just go with the flow. You have to take charge of your life. My Dad helps me through his exercise and I highly value my parents’ advice.”

“It’s great to know that now; anyone who wants to buy his first car or replace an existing one can go to EastWest for simpler and faster loan processing. The Bank has also partnered with a wide range of car dealers and manufacturers so you can have the car of your choice. EastWest Auto Loan offers easy-on-the-pocket amortization with flexible terms of 12 months up to 60 months. Now, that is a great way to go! And on top of all these – you get free gas, which is a boon to us customers in these times of rising fuel prices.”

When preparing for road trips, which he said was a good way to promote local tourism, Derek goes through important safety checks. “And the most important is to make a schedule of who’s going to drive. I usually choose the first leg,” he laughed.

“My passion for sports and cars, working hard, keeping my priorities straight, taking charge of my life and having a good financial partner—all these have made me into the person that I am now,” he concluded.

The event was held at The Veranda in Tagaytay Highlands where he brought his two nephews. This was a surprise when Derek disappeared from the convoy then showing up at the Club House with two adorable boys with his handler. Definitely he was trooper driving all the way from Manila to Tagaytay all by himself without any personal driver and his handler were riding in along with the EastWest crew.

The program did not start until everyone made to The Veranda and had a hearty lunch. The event was hosted by Travel Blogger/Pre-School Teacher Patty Laurel where she introduce the EastWest Bank team that made this a successful campaign.

Patty dished out trivia games for the media and invited guests to this exclusive getaway. Derek gamely signed autographs for her female friends and did “fan signs” for special individuals. Overall it was like a weekend despite the heavy rains and thick fog that covered Tagaytay on a Tuesday. Everyone went home relaxed and had a great time with Derek Ramsay with his EastWest Bank family.

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