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11.04.2011 – For the second year Starbucks and The Best Music on the Planet -- 99.5RT has partnered in bringing you live coverage not at the confines of the radio station. But a special remote broadcast that started from 6AM with Sam and Gibb in Disturbing the Peace to closing the live feed with The Disenchanted Kingdom crew of Cleo Caliente, Marf, and Lu Skywalker.

We caught up towards the final hours of The Awesome Show with Scarlet and Neil Almighty together with the regular Gear Heads since it was “Motoring Thursday.”

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The usual program was served with Starbuck beverages and giving away 99.5RT stickers.

The venue for this year was at the Starbucks in Bonifacio Global City near MC Home Depot as you can easily spot the 99.5RT Ford Fiesta and it “Batman Mobile Black” motif in the parking area besides its building. The rain didn’t stop their listeners to drop by and visit the shows during the day.

There were several special guests who also came to chat with the air staff. The Disenchanted Kingdom was in full swing while King DJ Logan was on vacation.

Cleo Caliente was the head mistress of the show with Marf and Lu Skywalker as her co-hosts. Their first guest was Esquire Magazine’s Erwin Romulo presenting the jocks with the latest issue featuring the beautiful Iza Calzado on the cover for its second issue.

The place was packed since Starbucks had a separate event that introduced their Christmas Treats, which was hosted on the second level of the building. The second guest for the show was Starbucks marketing head who talked to the crew about its upcoming events and promos as well the upcoming special 2012 planner.

Mostly this is where they announce the start of selling again the holiday treats dubbed “Cheer Party 2011.” As you can understand if you’re listening earlier when Bamboo Manalac came we had a different time hearing him with the band performing at the second level.

Bamboo was the last guest to arrive thirty minutes before the show closes the live broadcast. He was definitely a trooper as Bamboo tried to answer the questions during the interview while the loud music had engulfed Starbucks with its sheer noise.

He spoke about his latest album with the carrier single “Questions”, which was getting a lot of air time on 99.5RT being a consistent song request.

Overall the day was like Christmas as the environment is not just loud but with coffee drinkers dropping by taking advantage of 99.5RT being there had set up like they resided in Starbucks. It was still raining but the show continued through towards the end.

99.5RT wishes to acknowledge Starbucks for giving them the opportunity to do this live broadcast again. Hopefully we’ll be hearing them again doing this as annual event and if you haven’t heard 99.5RT is still giving away those 1:18 Ford Fiesta diecast cars.

All you have to do is take a photo of the car with you and upload them on Facebook. Don’t forget to tag “99.5RT” and “Ford Fiesta in the Philippines.”

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