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11.04.2011 – For those who was hoping to “Win A Date” with Arra Pascual and did not make the list and wondering who was the lucky individual that night. Then you all will be surprise that Salva Atole bested you all out of almost two thousand participants.

Salva and Ara dined at the Muruve last night and the rain did not stop our designated chauffeur in Neil Almighty of The Best Music on the Planet – 99.5RT!

This contest won’t be possible without your support and in appreciating Arra.

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If you have been wondering what went down last night, maybe it’s time we share you some of the photos with the winner and the guys from Murave…

For those who didn’t make the cut watch out as Arra Pascual gives you another chance just LIKE her Facebook Fan Page and follow her on twitter @ArraBanana!

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