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09.09.2011 – The Muslim Mindanao Cultural Festival is held annually with the support of Greenhills Shopping Center. Just like any culture the Muslims have their own place to share their heritage in arts and music. The well-love lifestyle center is celebrating this in a two-week festival rich with color sharing their culture from September 9 to 19 at the V-Mall.

Decked in colorful and cultural images the V-Mall is transformed to bring The Muslim Mindanao Cultural Festival which sums up the best parts of the arts, furnishings, clothing, and culinary wonders of the south with at least one thousand merchants convening to bring the complete Mindanao experience to mall goers.

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From the smell of Mindanao desserts like doldol (pudding made of coconut), the feel of the texture of a hand-woven malong or its Sulu counterpart, the patadyong, to the sight of age-old heirloom pieces—like swords and porcelain that could date back as far as galleon trade this is such a unique experience which is something new for everyone to see.

Greenhills Shopping Center General Manager Cathy Casares-Ko says that Muslim traders have long been part of the mall’s landscape. “When you go around the shopping center and talk to our loyal shoppers and tenants, you will hear a lot of stories from generations of customers, and entrepreneurs who started in the tiangge, prospered, and expanded their businesses. A lot of these people are the Muslim traders.” she says.

“This is a great time to experience a different aspect of Filipino culture. Truly, this festival allows us to embrace a whole cultural experience. A lot of the vibrant and colorful decorations that you see around the mall are either passed on from older generations, or especially hand-woven for this event. There are also featured performers that showcase the talents and depict the way our Muslim partners celebrate life.

Muslim culture and artistry is usually reflected in various woodworking, jewelry, weaponry, and even brassware. The more popular products, of course, are the sarongs, which are highly reflective of a complex cloth- and mat-weaving culture. Greenhills has enjoyed the participation of most tenants in the festival, which further enhances the cheerfulness and richness of the atmosphere.

Everyone is invited to experience and to feast the senses for you to participate in this event. For more details visit: www.greenhills.com.ph

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