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09.09.2011 – In 1989 Marty McFly never envisioned that his shoes from the Back to the Future II film would have a big impact in the popular culture. The Nike MAG a shoe never made was unveiled online for everyone to take part and own this piece of gear based from a fictional movie prop.

There will be 1,500 pairs made and available only by auction online to support The Michael J. Fox Foundation in researching how to eliminate Parkinson’s disease. Nike teams up with the Michael J. Fox foundation in helping to support the research in eliminating Parkinson’s diseases.

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These pair of kicks has become trending when Michael J. Fox himself was on David Letterman to promote the release of the shoes which you can only purchase it on e-Bay through the auction which the proceeds will go to the research in battling Parkinson’s diseases.

The man who played Marty McFly in the sequel to Back to the Future ever present in the awareness of his advocacy since he is fighting this diseases and with your help that would bring support.

The shoes development took six years and Tinker Hatfield who designed the shoes had to reconstruct them from the ground up since they only have the movie prop shoes. In 2005 am online movement which caught his attention was proposed by fans and sneaker heads that grew up seeing the Back to the Future II movie to bring the Nike MAG from fictional to reality. Last year Nike registered the patent for the power lace and the Nike MAG.

Though the shoes are not made for to play on or off the basketball court it’s something to brag about sporting the kicks four years ahead of 2015 when it first debuted. The 2011 Nike MAG this particular model does not have the “power lace” feature that Marty has when he went to that particular time. The design is the exact replica of the shoes in the movie which includes a LED illuminating feature and has a single charge of 3000 hours.

By pinching the “ear” of the high top features the LED which light up for five hours. Down to the contours of the upper, the glowing LED panel and the electroluminescent NIKE outsole and internal battery makes this shoes from reel to real.

The shoes to be released is only produced in size 11s which would possibly a good prop display for your kicks collection or for those who has the feet with this size would be able to sport a pair. This won’t come with the DeLorean time machine but surely you’ll be able to help fund the research for Parkinson’s disease. Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google) and his wife Anne Wojcicki (co-founder. 23andme) are matching up to $50M in funds raised for the Foundation between now and the end of the year.

There’s even a promotional ad directed by Frank Marhsall which features Bill Hader, Kevin Durant, Donald Fullilove, Tinker Hatfield, and Doc Brown himself played by Christopher Lloyd. It’s a fitting and it’s the right time to bring the support to the man who had made these shoes famous.

So why not bring it to the next level in helping to donate and support awareness for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Certainly owning the Nike MAG is definite bringing these Back for the Future!

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