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09.10.2011 – When you talk about epic news about comics it’s no longer that huge deal. The digital age has slowly given alternatives to acquire these prints into their iPads, tablets, and anything that has been caught everyone’s fancy. Back then when you talk about The Death of Superman it was not only an event, but something for the fans to see what will happen next.

These past few months have been the same vibe as any big event at DC Comics. There where talks and negative feedback about the reboot. This reminded us back after Crisis on Infinite Earths had shaken the foundation of the Comics industry to new grounds about epic events.

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There was so much happening behind the scenes now that culminated with Flashpoint which starred Barry Allen the Silver Age Flash from the 1960s. The one who saved everyone from the Crisis and was resurrected in 2009’s Final Crisis. He’s back and became the game changer in this major story arc, which reminds us how DC Comics has done again what others had follow suit (ahem… Marvel).

The talks about the reboot have gotten so huge that it overshadowed what the other competing publication was doing. Mostly we heard A LOT of negative stuff about the changes that would occur and the timeline which sets some of the characters origins.

Seriously when you look at it and notice that every other year or mostly annually we get to hear major stuff happening unlike back in the day where you rarely have these kind changes happen a few years after the last big event.

What we are getting at is every comic book that you’ve been following reverts to issue #1 and it has become a trend. Take an example to Marvel’s Daredevil where he comes back in a new brand spanking issue. The release of the movie for Captain America gave him a fresh start with a new #1 comic. We’ll be seeing more of this trend for the next few years.

DC Comics is changing the way we see this as a trend now that they have rebooted 52 issues and this includes Action Comics and Detective Comics which were not-so close to reaching issue 1000. That would be cool if this ever happened but then again it won’t.

The new DC Universe is upon us and the success of this reboot has put Justice League #1 on its third print. Some of the much awaited titles are sold out and never been found. Some shops are still trying their best to get a back order.

Come to think of it the situation for DC Comics is monumental, but it has also had some disadvantages. We are expecting a new trend that it won’t be like back in the day. The comics you’ll be reading won’t reach a hundred. Unless they had a major story line to welcome new readers to the fold, and speaking of that if you notice the audience DC Comics caters to right now are teens and it can be seen in the bar code at the lower left corner of the cover.

Expect sex and violence in the comics for those who really collect and buy them. It can’t be help that comics is a dying art which it needs a new way of getting back their readers.

Justice League #1 looks promising but some had pointed out its underwhelming reception. This brings us fond memories when X-Men #1 came out in 1991 and it was a big thing. Of course the art was also done by Jim Lee the current co-publisher of DC Comics. It can’t be help this is one of the vehicles that sold this comic and went on its third print.

There were two versions of the first issue of Justice League. The ordinary cover with a brighter background which is sold at PhP 200.00 pesos and the “Combo Pack” poly bagged includes special code for you to download a digital version priced at PhP 250.00 pesos. These days even comics has bit pricey with this particular issue but you can’t ignore good or bad this one really flew off the shelves.

For how long will Jim Lee make this an awesome book? The answer is we don’t know because back when the “New X-Men” comic book was hot in the 1990s he lasted 11 issues. He bolted out to co-founded Image comics where under his Wildstorm Studios he had drawn Wild C.A.T.s for 14 issues.

There so many factors to what will happen next and for now let’s enjoy the ride for those who actually read and buy the comics good luck on keeping up with all 52 titles.

If you haven’t picked up an issue of the new 52 comic books from DC Comics try to catch up with Justice League surely they have an explanation why the team was formed. Consider this comic the present day Action Comics that they published and it gets a lot bigger.

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