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09.25.2011 – Sarge is one of the fictional characters in the world of Diney Pixar’s Cars. He played a minor role in the sequel that was shown this year. He’s an old WWII military type jeep and eventual odd couple to the hippy Volkswagen van Filmore. Sarge was voiced by Paul Dooley.

In the original Cars movie he was introduced owning a surplus shop at Radiator Springs and neighbor to the hippy VW Van Filmore who develops organic fuel. The character was originally voiced by the late George Carlin (in Cars 2 was voiced by Lloyd Sherr).

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Sarge is no stranger to the collectibles that came out when Cars premiered in 2006. So far the original version was controversial in nature due to the mass recall of toys with led content.

If you happen to own that original and unopened (better safe than sorry) that’s good due to its high value at the same time being an unsafe toy for kids. Eventually Mattel re-released the same die cast car some months later with better paint application and passed the child safety rules.

Sarge is a member of Team McQueen Racing Team in the sequel and this version was from the original series but this variation has the “Moving Eyes” lenticular hologram sticker as its eyes. Plus he brings with him the red colored fuel filler.

Together with Filmore they are an odd couple who banters and argues all the time with anything under the sun. Sarge of course being a hardnosed military jeep quips about his apprehension against hippies like Filmore. The Sarge die cast car carries details based from the animation model from the first movie. Unlike the current one that’s out right now he sports a Team McQueen badge covering his original Sergeant Major logo on both sides of his doors.

Rarely will you be seeing the old versions of these characters given that you’re up for the challenge in hunting for the previous characters that rarely made appearance in Cars 2.

Most of the new releases are now carrying the “Cars 2” logo and it won’t be long until the other characters from the previous toyline gets re-issued in the next few months. So if you’re looking for Sarge the best bet you can acquire him is through the Cars 2 series.

Don’t forget to pick up Filmore who is Sarge’s contant partner and you can’t forget the image it gave us back when the Vietnam War was at all time high. The clashes between the US military and the Hippies make us remember how Sarge and Filmore relate.

The World of Cars is not relegated to the main characters you see in both movies. Even the ones in the background have their own die cast versions and some of them have become sought after. So take your pick on who you find interesting. Besides Lightning McQueen and Mater there’s a whole slew of characters waiting to be explored.

If you’re looking to start a small collection better shell out PhP 500.00 pesos for each die cast Cars from Mattel. The Cars die cast series is locally distributed by Richwell Trading Corporation the direct reseller of Hotwheels and Barbie manufactured by Mattel.

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