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09.26.2011 – Sunday was another launch for local artists at the Secret Fresh featuring Egg Fiasco and Epjey! They are bringing in the local flavor in the urban pop culture scene. The second floor of The Gallery was transformed into an urban setting featuring works from both young and up and coming talents.

Epjey’s first and limited edition run of Art Toy features the likeness of the iconic Filipino comedian Palito. These special edition Art Toys are limited to numbered quantities which you can only acquire it as an exclusive from Secret Fresh which is located at the Ronac Art Center.

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If you missed the event last Sunday you won’t miss seeing the exhibit as it will be at The Gallery up until October 18, 2011. Get further details drop by Secret Fresh to see it up close and personal. The event was supported by close friends and acquaintance in the urban culture community.

Check out this collection of snaps taken during the night of the launch for those who missed seeing the paintings and the exclusive vinyl toy right here…

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