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09.25.2011 – Walt “Clyde” Frazier a former New York Knicks player in the 1970s was known for his uncanny steals and assists in the game of basketball. Clyde is undefeated to define his own greatness in the National Basketball Association. One of the first NBA players to ever had his own signature shoes known as “Clyde” that was released by Puma.

On its third decade run it was released as a limited edition in the Philippines which is only available at the Titan shoe store located at the Ronac Art Center. Off the court Clyde is well known for his flamboyant sense of style. He brought glamour to the Madison Square Garden arriving in his Rolls Royce.

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Up to the present he is still one of the stylish basketball players around who dresses himself in designer suits with broad-brimmed Borsalino hats and full-length mink coats. The same way the Clyde shoes were made for off the court.

The eponymous suede known as the "Clydes" brings the same sense of vibe with style for the old school hip hop and skate punk subcultures. If you haven’t seen yesterday’s gallery of Clyde’s pair of kicks then feast your eyes on what you have missed…

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