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08.06.2011 - The Smurfs came to town and had a special advance screening at the cinema 4 of SM Mall of Asia. It was a fun filled weekend for parents, kids, and the young at heart. For those who never knew about The Smurfs it was originally based from the Belgian comic book series by a cartoonist named Peyo. The little signature you see in the art work of every Smurf you see.

This was spawned by a 1980s animated series for television which became known up to now. Known as ,i>Les Schtroumpfs in French when translated in Dutch it called Smurf which later was adopted in English. The Smurfs has been a huge hit since it came out October 23, 1958 spawning merchandises and rest is history.

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Fast forward to the present it was first premiered in the US on July 29, 2011.

It was shown on 3D and the special screening was sponsored by McDonald’s and presented by Mellow Touch 94.7 FM. The Smurf Day was long awaited and had set up a “blue” carpet and a photo booth to have their own souvenirs before and after seeing the movie.


For those who are looking forward to seeing this film definitely suggests seeing it on 3D as the animation really blends with the real world characters. Though some might say all the concepts has been done for this film, that doesn’t stop any fan who grew up with the original cartoon from seeing this on the big screen. The Smurfs gets a new audience through the younger generation who never got the chance to see the original cartoons from the 1980s.

The cast has a talented ensemble that provided the voices for these unforgettable characters, and we won’t spoil you on who’s who with the exception of Katy Perry as Smufette that has been given. The visuals have improved merging animation and reality in one big screen.
Certainly one of the unforgettable summer films of 2011.

It had Neil Patrick Harris playing the human characters. What definitely will get the fans from seeing this film is Hank Azaria’s portrayal of the villainy of Gargamel and the look at his face is a spot on from his cartoon counterpart. The film is for everyone in the family to see this movie with their kids.

Smurf Verdict

Overall 4/5 points graded for this film that almost won the box office race, but the film won’t be available to Philippine viewers until it opens across the country on August 10, 2011.

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