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08.09.2011 - Cowboys & Aliens is based in the original graphic novel by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. The film stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Olivia Wilde. The film had a world premier in the recent concluded San Diego Comic Con international on July 23, 2011. It was shown first in the United States and Canada on July 29, 2011. Solar Entertainment and United international Pictures the local distributors held a special screening on August 6, 2011.

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Another special screening sponsored by Magic 89.9 FM in collaboration with SM Cinemas was shown in SM Megamall with the promotion courtesy of Solar UIP on August 8, 2011. For Filipinos reaction of the film it was received positively than mixed reviews back in North America.

The stellar casts led by Daniel Craig spark an interest of the film for being known as James Bond internationally. The same goes with Harrison Ford widely known for his portrayal in the Indiana Jones films. The concept of Western genre mixed with science fiction is not new in the realms of cinema. Take Jonah Hex for example but wit
Cowboys & Aliens this was a definite hit with action film goers.

Authentic with portrayals of the wild west in the 1800s is not much of a hit, but mix it out with alien invasion you get some people interested to see this film. Though there is less concern of the sequence but for Olivia Wilde seems to be out of place between the budding actors in this film.

Wilde last seen in Tron Legacy has been picking up to seen in science fiction genres like this. She’s the key to the story and we will not give you enough details how that work. You just have to see it for yourself how her character interacts with the locals in this movie. The casting is superb by the man who directed the first two Iron Man movies in John Favreau.

Overall the movies scores a 3.5/5 rating for bringing the unique concept of merging western and science fiction in one film. Some says it works but everything else doesn’t fall into place. Though comedic in nature this movie takes it seriously without being campy at the same time.

Cowboys & Aliens opens in Philippine cinemas across the country on August 10, 2011 from Solar UIP and acknowledgement to Magic 89.9 and SM Cinema for bringing this to the big screen.

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