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08.03.2011 - The Beaver is directed by actress Jodie Foster a comedy-drama film, which stars Mel Gibson, Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence and Foster herself. The film had an international limited run in cinemas and in the Philippines it’s exclusively being shown in Ayala Cinemas.

You can call it an indie film of sorts being seen in the recent 2011 Cannes Film Festival. A remarkable tale of a depressed man in Walter Black (Mel Gibson) and The Beaver a puppet which an awkward concept thought of what “art house” films are made of.

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There’s not much spectacular on this film though it carries a lot of talent that displayed their acting chops. Though it didn’t get a wide opening screening in North America it’s very much not entirely for everyone’s viewing consumption.

The Beaver gives us a different side of a dysfunctional family in a typical American household. The cinematic themes and how the sequence of the scenes goes through the motions is not your usual comedy drama type of film. It’s more of a story of an ailing man inside trying to find joy in-between a mad reality he has to face every day.

The story with this family makes this movie some Americans did not appreciate that is missing their interest, but might be appreciated by viewers internationally.

The imagination done in the graffiti scene was a good one, though we’re not going to spoil you for further get you interested in seeing this film is enough to say the cinematography is done in good taste. There were no explicit or violent scenes but it will give you an idea how Walter goes through the motions in his life to realize The Beaver is all him channeled in that hairy stuff toy.

Overall the film is refined with the premise though we leave you the interest to see the film for yourself how it will turn out from beginning to the end. For now the rating is 3/5 score which is not underwhelming but the film is for anyone who wants an “indie” feel given that it has a limited run exclusively shown only at Ayala Cinemas.

The Beaver opens in selected cinemas across Manila on August 10, 2011 locally distributed by Warner Bros Pictures Philippines for Viva Films Ltd.

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