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08.20.2011 – Cars 2 were an anticipation waiting for with the special Philippine screening prior to its regular showing for the August 24, 2011 date. The fans and movie viewers where waiting for its special screening at the Coca-Cola IMAX Theater in SM Mall of Asia.

The original screening in North America was last June 24, 2011 which is a long time coming for those who followed the original feature in 2006. The IMAX Theater was dedicated for the kids and parents who accompanied them. There was a cotton candy stand that can’t be avoided and special games for the kids to participate as they wait for the call time.

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As they say nothing can beat the original which has more focused on Lightning McQueen the rookie racer who got lost to a town called Radiator Springs. We have seen the movie countless times on DVD that we have fond to know Lightning McQueen to an old friend.

During the wait for the upcoming sequel for Cars there were some Disney Pixar shorts that featured Mater. These five minute episodes cemented Mater to the Cars mythos as the second main character from the original feature. It spun into a million dollar merchandise that Cars has become one of the known Disney Pixar animated feature that was given a sequel just like Toy Story.

Before we got into the main event the usual Disney Pixar short was ever chuck full of banter and humor in the Hawaiian Vacation featuring our favorite Toys Story characters from the last film. The premise was entertaining and they are sorely missed.

This short introduce us to their first adventure after the third film, where it features such a talented cast that led by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. Who would not forget the last toy Story film that brought Pixar’s name to the industry of computer animation? The short feature felt like it would last longer with its little adventure revolving around Barbie and Ken who plan to stow away at Bonnie’s back. The kid was planning to head to Hawaii, which has surprising consequences that tells the story from there.

It was like you have not left your seat after seeing toy Story 3. Definitely hope this short is included in the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Cars 2.

The main film was opens up to be a serious one and it didn’t sound much the same as how the original was introduced. It’s an interesting sequence introducing us to Finn McMissile voiced by Michael Caine. Then we see Mater who is the most prominent character in the film. Lightning McQueen is the main star of the show, but there’s lacking something in this sequel that mater can deduce.

Basically to not give enough plots Mater is the focused character, but the story would still have McQueen racing around the World Grand Prix. We also get to see new characters and a rival for Lightning McQueen with less bad-ass than a friendly banter in Francesco Bernoulli an F1 race car.

What Cars 2 brings is making this world even bigger and going global unlike in the original it tells a story of a young race car driver who would eventually change for the good. In this sequel there where w lot of happenings behind the scenes that only Mater knows along with McMissile. It’s not only racing around world but giving us a different side of the adventure.

This was more action packed that featured a lot of explosions and of course Finn McMissile as would-be secondary character. The special agent inspired from the James Bond films, which is obvious being the Vanquish DB7 car that he is. McMissile figures out in the lives of Mater and Holly Shiftwell his female assistant also armed with nifty gadgets.

The visuals in Italy are breathtaking. The photo realistic details are way beyond that of the original Cars movie. Everything in 3D looks good though not a fan of this would highly suggest you see it on 2D. The new characters never had much focus since they expanded this into a huge story.

Overall it depends on your perspective on how to treat this sequel well as this film had a huge expectation that had mixed reviews from those who got to see this film first. For a sequel like this either you make it or break it.

Cars 2 get 3.5/5 rating but still get a lot of attraction to the fans that first saw the original. For the first timer this must a great film. The film opens across the country in 3D and 2D on August 24, 2011. Ka-Ciao!

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