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08.20.2011 – If you haven’t been tuned-in to 99.5 RT they are giving you the reason to. The Rhythm of the City is one of the longest radio stations in the country that delivers you their brand of sound. Less talk and more music is one of RT’s primary goals to entertain you.

Yesterday we got to drop by the station and glimpse of the booth where Koji Morales was on-board from 12 noon to 3PM. Like any other radio booth these days the console and how they put up songs are no longer done in manual fashion. The songs and commercials are now loaded digitally in the computer for easy access in programming.

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Back in the day it takes a lot of skill to be a radio disc jock and more patience to be up. Most people who listen to the radio takes this for granted and think a job of a DJ is as easy as putting up a good music. This doesn’t really happen in reality as it’s still a challenging job until now.

It should not be glorified as similar to appearing on TV where the job of a radio DJ is about having the good looks. You have to get a clear view that it’s not also about having the voice, but to have the talent and the initiative to make your listeners tune-in to your show.

RT is bringing their brand of music on radio with an attitude. They don’t beg to ask you to listen to their shows but if you really appreciate how they bring their kind of sound. If you really like it definitely they will appreciate this.

Station ID DWRT on the 995MHz has been on the FM band since 1976 and has gone through a lot of changes and owner management. RT is located at the 9th floor of the Paragon Plaza at room 906-B just beside Magic 89.9’s office. Originally the studio was located somewhere along Ayala Avenue and has taken resident at the Paragon Plaza in 1999. Currently RT has been creative with their brand of music and bringing more of a “rock” feel to their theme and retaining contemporary hit music.

The Best Music on the Planet has been giving us the groove of the old and new RT that we have come to know. It’s still giving us the reason to listen to the Rhythm of the City because they have attitude.

If you haven’t tuned-in then prepare yourself to rock their world coming September 2011!

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