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08.21.2011 – When CNN iReport announced that they plan to celebrate its 5th year anniversary globally. This would turn out to be surprising evolution of its own community in the Philippines. At first they were just five people that would grow into a solid group that would dedicate themselves to this commitment. Bringing positive stories of the country that has been facing its own crisis as long as anyone can remember.

The Philippine group was established on July 10, 2011 through emails and then a meet-up page was set-up to plan what could be a simple gathering of dedicated and passionate individuals.

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You can’t avoid the opinionated ones who have been actively giving suggestions. But eventually these same individuals were nowhere in sight.

Prior to the celebration a week earlier those same dedicated people, who were present at the Dome Café & Restaurant was at a dump site sporting the fifth anniversary shirt. The same official CNN iReport shirt we have worn earlier at the party.

CNN iReport is not a run on the mill community that lures you to perks and privileges. It’s about hard work and dedication to write your story. CNN itself will screen your entry and if it’s good they will air it either on the news or through their news site. For some that is a whole lot of satisfaction to let the world know that the community we live in is getting a second look. Being a part of CNN iReport is not about getting in the spotlight it’s about being of service bringing on a positive note.

It’s about helping your community giving back something that is not material gain or claim to fame. But showing everyone that it’s a personal advocacy as well as showing support to those less fortunate. If you know how to tell your story you can share it on CNN iReport by signing in and setting up your access.

Being part of the local group doesn’t need to sign up just LIKE the Facebook page. If you are interested in joining the group’s volunteer activity just let them know.

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