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06.28.2011 - Dockers had recently launch their latest campaign dubbed the "Dockers Alpha Walk."

Its a step forward towards dominant hold on the khaki market, which is a brave step in bringing the campaign with these fifteen alpha males taking the streets come rain or shine.

They dont talk but make the walk to strut the latest product for Dockers. The Alpha Khaki is truly first of its kind. Setting the gap between jeans and khakis, Dockers Alpha Khakis is the next clothing for men to wear.

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The Alpha Males will strut their stuff by wearing a wide range of Dockers Alpha Khaki; showcasing the Alpha Khaki fit, finishes and colors that can be expected from the collection.

They walked courageously with absolute confidence thanks to Dockers in bringing the Alpha Khakis.

A lot were surprised when they saw the Dockers alpha males ramping along one of the major business district. Unabashed, some of the more eager pedestrians even tried to get a moment with some of the male models for a quick snapshot.

This is the first time, we see a major avenue turned into a fashion catwalk," said Bobet Romualdo, ASEAN brand director for Dockers. “We wanted to share the experience to a much bigger audience, and engage their curiosity about our latest product the Dockers Alpha Khaki, that will available soon in all our Dockers stores”, he added.

The alpha males walked a circuit route from the Dockers office at The Enterprise Center Building down to the avenue and through underpasses.

The alpha males were also sporting a white tee with a print -- that asks the question, ‘Have you seen the sign of the new beginning?’ a lead-on question to Dockers new campaign which will be revealed soon to its followers.

Dockers have taken some brave steps towards continued dominance of the khaki market this year. The first step, Dockers Stores were ‘re-dressed’ with a more contemporary Dockers look, which is visibly more orange than the traditional blue color. This also included a change with the store’s logo on its facade.

Dockers also began engaging its consumers online, starting with various promotions being implemented at its Facebook fan page site.

Dockers Fall/Holiday collection also introduced more form fitting khakis and a range of shirts and polo that are a good match for Dockers Khaki.

More can be expected from Dockers as the season leads on to the Holidays, with more products to be introduced and fits that are more flattering.

If you wish to see more of the ‘Dockers Alpha Walk’ visit Dockers Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/dockersphils or watch out for it in Youtube.

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